Finally DONE! & Word Wall Cards


I have finally finished all that I can before I leave tomorrow for my much needed VAY-CAY-SHUN!

The before picture:
My teeny classroom looking all dark and dingy!

And after...
In all its glory:
  A couple different views!

My focus wall!

Marvelous Math!
I'm going to try out having 8 different math tubs and see how it goes this year.
I still need to buy 3 more tubs, but I figure I will rotate them in and out with different themed math games and skills.
Who else does this and how do you like it?!?

My labels for my class library.
I'm only starting year 3 as a teacher so I don't have THAT many books yet!
C'mon Scholastic Book Club!

Daily 5 board, thanks to Lindsey @ The Teacher Wife!

My area - completely blank... but I can work on that right when I get home from vacation. At least it's clean!

I also finished my First Week Fun! packet that I plan to do with my kids that first week of school.
Some highlights from the pack:
 Lots of easy-to-use printables to help students get familiar with the classroom and their new classmates!
We also read My Mouth is a Volcano at the beginning of the year and I made this little craft to go with the book!

Last but not least, my friend asked me to make her this printable word wall set for her classroom and it is now up on TPT!

Word Wall Cards and Activities {Primary Bunting & Polka Dots}

[click on the image to see a closer view]

Now, I am off to pack!!!
{Wedding dress shopping in T-minus 6 days, ahhhhhh!}

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